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Adding detail to Mass Model and Stairs

A lot has been complete int he past  week and a half.

A solid week went into creating a floating stair design for the stairs for Level 1-2 and Level 2-3.  the concept was to have stairs made form C channel steel and steel cable. We wanted to create a minimalist feel on stairs that are big and solid feeling but easy for older people to get up and down.  The stair height is 6″  and step tread is 12″ wide causing more steps to be added but is an easy climb up.  The stringer for the stairs are embedded into the concrete foundation  on L1-2 and welded to the frame on L2-3.   A single 1/2 stainless steel “elevator” wire was run vertically from each step with simple wire holders.  On L 2-3 the top sires were angled inward to crate a dramatic affect and interesting rail.   The hardest part was cutting opening in the containers that where custom to each container, aligning all of the openings, creating my own wire outline and lining everything up.

Hydraulic single swing garage doors are the only option for the limited height of the container to allow for an SUV height vehicle to be parked. The door panels will be frosted safety glass to allow in as much daylight as possible to the garage space.

The rest of the time was spent on refining the mass building shape based on items I added to the model such as kitchen appliances and other furnishings.

Large Images:

Front 1

Side 1





  • Kris Moe

    January 23, 2017 8:03 am

    Great looking design. It’s amazing to think those are cargo containers!

    Aside from looking modern and unique I’m guessing the built out would be faster and less expensive?

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