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Architecture of Resistance

Great new shapes are trickling down from new creative mega projects to residential projects. Cannot wait to see what can be created with concrete and 3D printing.


Architecture of Resistance by Dionisio Gonzalez imagines structures of the future, and how people would live if faced with impending doom. The artist has created pieces of beauty out of otherwise discarded trash – items that many people would look at and leave for the ground to eat up over time.

One piece shows what looks like old cylindrical storage containers moulded and filled with apartment-like spaces. The outside is concrete, giving the design an industrial aesthetic, but the inside is extremely modern and live-in-ready.

Technically Dionisio Gonzalez is an artist not an architect, but buildings run rampant in his work. He is able to imagine what things could be like in years to come, and design something beautiful within the confines of what materials might be available in the future.

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