In the v1 we will have 3 bathrooms that I spent most of the time finding parts for, adding to the Database of parts and designing the look and feel of each. Some of the overall requirements are that it matches the surrounding theme and all water will be stainless steel piping and fixtures. All 3 bedrooms will have natural daylight via a Fiber Optic lighting system from Parans. I’m about 75% done with each one.

1. Level 2 – Grand Room Bathroom, This will match the floor theme of using stainless steel and old growth salvaged redwood for the cabinet faces, with slate counter tops like the kitchen. Because the space is not to large we will place in a corner sink to allow walking room. This is also our cats bathroom and they will have a custom cabinet that their litter boxes are kept in. The floor is using SwissTrax tiles to capture cat litter, so it’s not carried throughout the house.

2. Level 3 – Bathroom 2, is in the raw industrial / rock them section. There are a few attractions for this space: the large bolder bathtub will be the main focus of the room. This is placed directly over the 24″ steel support bean and will help hold the container in place. There is a floating sink that uses the 1/2″ wire rope used in the stairs to hold it up: a floating stone sink and stand. Also in the space will be a cut rock wall. For most of my life I’ve been collecting rocks on hikes, beach visits and random mining :- ) I would like to have all of these rocks cut into slabs that are 1-2″ thick and then create a rock wall with the flat surfaces facing inward. This will have a mat finish over all but when the room is wet from humidity, it will be very glossy and incredible looking as many of the stones are semi to precious stones.

3. Level 3 Master Bathroom, will be an Italian ultra modern minimalist look and feel. First off, we liked the idea of not having a corrugated cargo container wall as the main wall from the Bedroom->Closet->Bathroom. We found very interesting 3D wall tiles from ModularArt that will allow us to create a unique continuous patter down the whole 40′ wall and then turn for another 8′ into the bathroom to the window. I like the Dune as it is a wavy water type feel and she likes the Crush as it has a paper type of look. Either way the wall will lock spectacular. Next up was the hardware: All of the parts will be very simple, unique and use marine grade stainless steel from the Italian design company CEA Design. The sink will sit on a slab of wood that is free floating. All of the towels, paper, wife’s stuff will be stored in a large floor to ceiling cabinet next the toilet when you first enter the space, clad in the same wood used in the Mast bedroom and Master closet. The shower/tub area is a “Wet” barrier free area with a long linear drain. A modern 100% stone bathtub will finish off the space, placed to have a great view out of the large window.

Large Images:

Bathroom – L2

Bathroom 2  – L3

Bathroom Master – L3

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