Approach, Transition, Touchdown is a series of collaborative works by Hughen/Starkweather focusing on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. For two years, the artists researched maps, diagrams, photographs, and architectural/engineering drawings, and toured the construction area many times. They met with engineers, architects and others involved with the project who deciphered the immense complexities of the design and construction of the bridge, as well as its environmental, financial, and political intricacies. When the new Bay Bridge opens in 2013, it will be the most complex engineering feat in the history of California and the largest self-anchored suspension bridge in the world.

Hughen/Starkweather create collaborative artworks that explore the layers, complexities and patterns that comprise a specific place. They focus on places that act as transitional thoroughfares or points of departure and research each location using current and historic photographs, maps and data. The resulting artworks embody unique forms and patterns derived from the built systems and natural movements of a place.

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