Cigarra House

This one has it all: cantilever, indoor square, pool…


Sitting on a sloping plot at the edge of a protected green area, the house interferes in the landscape in two radically different approaches, divided in 3 main blocks. Looking from the street, the lower part seems to ‘sprout’ from the soil: an artificial rock rises from the earth and reveals itself as the plot tilts down towards the woods. Eventually, the massive block detaches from the ground in the opposite side, emphasizing its form. This partially underground volume contains mainly the bed rooms and spaces such as family room, laundry and garage. Providing extra light and ventilation, a patio is carved in its core: the trees in this small garden breach the solidness and show a vertical connection to the spaces above. In contrast to this hard and heavy base, two other blocks seem to lightly land on it.

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  • Kris Moe

    February 12, 2021 7:02 am

    What a fun design!

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