Custom Cabinets and Shelves

For the past 2 weeks Ive been working on custom cabinets and shelves winch I feel are about half complete at this time. There’s over a dozen cabinets placed thought the house including kitchen, pantry, garage, laundry, closets and bathrooms. Having the learning curve of the software was a challenge and I’m sure a seasoned pro could do this in half the time, but will they deliver what I’m trying to convey with the house? All the cabinets will be custom made to fit the house. All cabinets will be 18 and 16 gauge 304 stainless steel. This should allow them to last the lifetime of the house. Ive created full length integrated C shaped handles that have an industrial feel and the face plate panels can be custom as well. We plan to use stainless and locally sourced untreated and reclaimed wood, preferably redwood to soften the edge. All cabinets are “frame-less” design and have 1/8th inch gaps for a clean modern look. The hardware will be Blum or other quality stainless and soft close versions. because of the limited height, we’ve also made all of the upper cabinets lift up versions to maximize the space and keep with the industrial theme.

The kitchen was the biggest challenge. The 12′ long slate and steel cantilever counter top that faces the curtain wall window will be the show piece of the space. Many hours of conversation went into the layout and workflow of the space which transformed several times into an L shaped kitchen with an island was the final desired shape. Once the general shape was derived, placing in commercial quality all stainless Gaggenau equipment determined the final shape of the space. aligning and realigning many times to match the appliances products specifications was a huge pain, but had to be done if we want the cleanest, most integrated look and feel.

The garage will have a stainless steel floor to ceiling wall of cabinets with integrated reclaimed wood counterparts and commercial sink. Yes that is a Dr Who Tardis s I’ll be using as a door to the maintenance room:-)

I’ve also created and reclaimed wood top dinning table with square steel pipes as the base and in the office on the first floor an 8′ long wire supported cantilever counter top/work space.

Coming long very well with many more refinements that where completed as I find issues and solutions to problems….

Large Images:

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

Garage Cabinets

Cantilever counter tops and industrial dinning table

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