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Unfortunately last week I missed my weekly update as I had the flue for the first time in a half decade and it was not a pleasant one. In the time I could comprehend, I spent working on the Bedroom 2 and the houses electrical system parts and pieces.

The idea from Bedroom 2 is to have a small bedroom that is more about the view and access to the patio area then it is on a full fledged bedroom as the space is small and tight in one container width. It will have and queen sized cantilever bed floating above the floor with the lights on the bottom of the frame. It would be stored out of the way allowing optimal access to the patio space. To make it unique to the Raw Industrial space, it will use gears to raise up and down using a 12″ industrial hand-wheel. This will be a custom piece and we’ll have to find a mechanical engineer and fabricator to make it for the space. I’ve also included an image of the wire suspended Bathroom 2 sink.

The rest of the the time was spent working on Electrical systems and finding the parts and pieces needed to build it out. Currently Tesla will provide the smooth Solar tiles and the PowerWall 2 system that will be the main power for the house. This will connect to an all in one 200 Amp solar/meter/load panel that will gain this a few LEED points from Schneider Electric. The circuit breakers will all be Combination Arc Fault (CAFI) and where needed Ground Fault (GFCI). All cables will be MC stainless or aluminum clad and all receptacles will be from LeGrand of which we really like the Adorne collection. We’ll try our best to only use parts that of the highest quality and with the longest warranties. One thing we found is that finding all of the parts to buy that are as green as possible, is Very time consuming.

We have multiple plans for heating. Even though it is not the coldest area in the country, we have multiple ideas for heating. We plan to spot heat areas with inslab radiant heat wires in the most heavily used areas of the house. We are also looking into Geothermal heating / cooling using a Ground and Water Source Heat Pump. If possible this will be used to push air to the most used areas of the house. We found an interesting company that makes a 3.5 ton unit called Goe.Cool

Large Images:

Bathroom 2 Hanging Sink
Bedroom 2 Cantilever Bed

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