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Grillagh Water Container House – Patrick Bradley

My Wife and I was presently surprised to be watching Grand Designs on Netflix and a container house by Patrick Bradley was the feature. It was clean and innovative for a farmer! The results where spectacular and won several awards.  Here is a portion of the video.


Patrick Bradley – Architect and Farmer – has constructed this striking home known as “The Grillagh Water Container House” on his farm in Woodland, Co Cavan, Northern Ireland.

Bradley’s design is based upon four 45ft shipping containers, merged together to form two cantilever forms – along similar lines to CGARCHITECTES Crossbox. Set in a beautiful rural landscape, overlooking a stream on the family farm, this container house certainly nods its head in the appreciation of the agricultural buildings dotted throughout the county. The dwelling’s layout has been designed to take full advantage of the outstanding views to the surrounding landscape, mountains, historic Drumlamph woodland and nearby Grillagh River.

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Great story about donating time to the homeless

Patrick’s Architecture firm




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