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House Specifications and Requirements

Everyone has their own wants and needs for their dream house and we’re no excretions. We decided to build a bespoke home around our personalities, lifestyle and life passions:

German decent.
Life long innovative technologist.
Social conscious entrepreneur.
Love high end sports cars – Porsche – from the area my family descended from.
Love Samurai, Bushido, martial arts.
Love to travel.
Watching movies.
Playing golf.
Earth element : Virgo

Japanese – from Okinawa.
Our family caretaker.
Loves cooking.
Loves cats.
Loves food.
A calligraphy master.
Practices Thai Chi.
Earth element : Capricorn

After contemplating and gathering ideas in my free time over the last 6 years we’ve come up with what we think is the best fit for us:

* 3100-3400 sq ft official “Living Space””Taxable”  space – 10-12 x 40′ HC containers, 2-3 stories = max 30′ feet high with  cantilever sections similar to house on cover of this site.
* 3 car garage/glass wall to see cars. Large open space, with SUV  width/length – open both side doors fully – lots of natural light (trough doors and glass wall).
* 1000-1400 Sq ft Grand Room – kitchen, dining, front room all in one: approximately 19.2 feet ceilings = height of 2 HC containers.
* 2 Bed Room, 3 x 40′ HC containers, both on second floor or 3rd floor.
* Walk in closets next to Bathrooms and Laundry next to Master Bedroom.
* 2.5 Bathrooms – His – earthly with rocks and Hers – ultra modern – single sink.
* Killer office space, with views.
* Zen room for my wife’s work and pleasure
* Pantry / storage area next to kitchen.
* Vertical farm area – to grow our own food indoors.
* Patio on top, at end of cantilever sections or just outside Grand Room.
* 40 feet HC container as kitchen back-wall.
* 20 foot container infinity pool and hot tub. outside of Grand room or outside ground floor – will be used as backup water supply. Or it could become a fish pond.
* Simple to construct structure with strong minimalist and industrial feel.
* Ultra Low maintenance materials and design. Corten material and at least 18 inch think concrete walls and foundation walls – concrete floors.
* Some custom integrated furniture – recycled steel and wood – kitchen counters – work benches.
* Great views – Preferably of the Bay.
* No views of neighbors house – use CPI  frosted polycarbonate if need light in area, but no views of neighbors houses.
* Yard not needed – leave surroundings as natural as possible.

* Quad Zero House  =  Self Sustaining house – Solar, battery, water reclamation storage, etc.
1. Zero Energy – Powers itself.
2. Zero Emission – Emits no Co2 emissions during operation – no flames or Gas on site.
3. Zero Waste – can all be recycled at end of life.
4. Zero Water and food needs – Atmospheric water system and vertical farm system to grow food.
*Built with as much Passive technology as possible based on the site making it a fully “Passive House”

Earn the following Certificates:
* CALGREEN Products Certificates – California’s Green Building Standards, 
* LEED Residential Certificate – Platinum 
* Passive House Certification

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