Internal Detailing

I decided to spend some time this week filling in some of the detailed items in the house.

First off was the Entry Way coat rack/shoe rack and umbrella holder. The idea was to make this similar to systems we’ve seen in Japan, but not having it super deep that blocks a lot of th light entering the space. We decided to make it wide and shallow instead, allowing for more shoes on the bottom. In the cabinet will be 3 posts that stick outward toward the door instead of a bar across the space. Coats will be placed hangers back first. The shoe rack below is a simple bar that holds hoes off the ground and allows us to place interior shoes below it, maximizing the space. There is also an umbrella holder on the window side, allowing a clean, an unobstructed view of the window. It will be made of 18 Gauge 304 Stainless steel, same as the other cabinets on this floor.

In the office I put in floating shelf system in the wall. 2″ deep slits will be placed in the concrete allowing the insert of glass sheets that we currently have in framed shelving. This will keep with the minimalist feel as well as saving space in the narrow office/container. Also, I Love Japanese swords “Katana” so I created a custom steel holders that will be covered in a plush material on top to create a modern feel to a sword holder.

In the Zen room. I figured out how to place voids in the concrete walls. Ive made several spaces in the walls that are the size of my wife’s artwork, creating a simple and elegant frame. The last thing to do will be to place an LED in the void to point down onto the artwork, so it lights up, and becomes part of the spaces lighting system as well.

In the entertainment space in the Grand Room i took time to set up the the correct shapes and locations of the equipment and furniture in the space. What I do not want to see in this space is wires! We have always had wires that are running under the carpet or in just odd locations. This time it will be super clean with all wires run under the floor and hidden from view, except at the speaker.

Also on the side, Ive been sourcing parts to build out the house and entering details in the build management excel database.

More to come…

Large Images:

Entry Way cabinet
Office racks and shelves
Zen Room framing
Grand Room entertainment area

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