Lights IIII

Lights IIII

I know the lighting would take time to complete and it has. his week, I spent time on the following:

Zen Room lighting is now complete. As this room will be used for creating art for my wife, a high CRI of 95+ is required. The room will have to be bright and then she can adjust down the light. The Total Watts: 144.5 Total Lumen: 9557 Most of the lighting systems in the are very utilitarian, but in this area we will have more artistic approach, with art that needs lighting as well as a way to add beauty to the space though the use of light sources. We chose to go with the SLAMP Hanami in a large size for above the table top producing 5,000 lumen at 3K coloring. This will be the warmest light we have in the house and should bode well for the type of art my wife produces.

Hallway lighting was added in the form of 2 down firing 18.5 watt with 95+ CRI Soraa light source to light up the hallway and art working displayed in the hall.

Entryway lighting was added in the form of 2 of the same 6′ LED bars used in the Office space. This keeps the consistency of the linear light sources on the first floor.

Pantry lighting was added as well, we decided to use a track system for a first time with 4 x X02 VD from MP Lighting. It’s on rails that can match the storage racks and has an open, big, bulky, high tech feel that matches the space exactly. Each 18.5w, 1040 lumen 95+ CRI light will point to the center of the storage cabinets, lighting up the space, showing the beauty of the Redwood cabinets and lighting up the individual shelving once opened.

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Zen Room Lighting

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