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This week was all about lights. I’ve almost completed the light plan and integration. Part of the issue is that I’m not only designing lights into the drawing, I’m finding products that I can purchase as well.

Master bath – I this section, to match the clean minimalist Italian style design, Ive add only 2 lights in the space. The first is a hazardous area 28 inch Machine tube light from CCEA lights called the T-City. This light will be placed in the shower/bath area to illuminate the large walk in shower and stone tub. The light is 24 watts and produces 2880 lumen of 5K light.

The second light in the space is a custom 60×35 mirror with a built in light at the top, down firing light to light up the surface of the counter and sink, and a magnified section with a ring light in the mirror for 3X close of fro makeup application. By combining all of this into a mirror, it keeps the space looking ready clean and modern while applying the light exactly where it is needed. The mirror will be made by IBMirror for the space and is 70 watts at 5110 lumen with a CRI of 90+ allowing for accurate color.

Front Door lighting – Sticking with the Liner lighting of the floor 1, the same light used in the the office and entryway will be waterproofed and installed above the door, embed in the concrete with a daylight/motion sensor. As per the image, the should cause a unique light box around the frame of the door and and light up the sidewalk allowing the Ring doorbell camera to clearly see anyone that is at the front door.

Link to Large Images:

Master Bath Mirror Light

Front Door lighting

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