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Winner of the Bay Bridge House Design Competition

Overall Winner: Lee Ka Chun and Ngan Ching Ying – The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture – with their entry “Hanging House

Hanging Contest
Real time living setting inherited from Bay Bridge

The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge was constructed to reinforce San Francisco as the center of trade.
It forms part of the city history and memory of the city dwellers.
To turn the scrap into an eco-sustainable house is to re-deploy the removed scenery and memories.
The primary question lies on preserving the communal and architectural identities of the bridge while bringing new settings for the city.
Bay Bridge possesses the structural identity to span long distances and the functional identity against weather, distance and gravity.
Thus, the project seeks to revitalize the structural and functional roles of th eBay Bridge instead of its physical appearance.
The project applies the bridge structure to hang the living components as multiple layers in air while a waterscape is spanned on top to modulate the climate underneath.
Revitalization of the bridge identities gives birth to the innovation of a self-sustaining living environment that performs specifically in different seasons.
It is an exceptional living experience in an environment that baths in a modulated light, temperature and air, the fundamental elements to form a house.

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Board 1

Board 2

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