Pool House

Joaquín Alvado Bañón has recently completed the Pool House, a project that research the relation between architecture and water, in Orihuela, near Alicante, Spain. It is a rethinking, in a sustainable way of life, to transform the way of promoting the east side of Spain.

Architecture twists and turns seeking nature, it looks towards the mountains of Orihuela, and it pokes out above its limitations. It is difficult to differentiate its limits, it is a city but also a landscape, it is a private space but at the same time it takes over a public space of the street. The built parts are reflected and fragmented through the use of reflex glass in the steel carpentries.

Three personalities and one environment formally, these are three independent volumes fused into one project. Each volume has its own personality and privacy. The meeting points between the parts are made by horizontal and vertical stairs, a “Y” bridge and double heights favoring expected and unexpected relationships. Semi-private and private places for meeting are intertwined as in life itself.

Pool House article
Architect Joaquin Alvado Banon

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