Refining Details

Over the past few days I spent half of my free time working on the excel spreadsheet and the other half refining details on the design.

The Excel spreadsheet has been refined to just the information that’s needed to build out a building. Its a document that will be used and updated daily during the pre-build and constructions of the building. Ive started to insert the data from the “ideas” text file Ive been using for the past few years that includes all the Hard and Soft costs associated items. I have hundreds of items to add in……

On the design, I’ve been gradually working on the cladding over the past 2-3 weeks. One issue I faced was how to cap over the 9″ gap from the container wall and the corten cladding. I came up with a a beneficial solution, I extended the floor concrete out another 9″ adding 60 sq ft of needed space to the patio and 30 sq ft the level 3 hallway. This allowed the 3rd floor curtain wall to be flush with the cladding. The issue I’m not sure about is with a curtain wall: do I have the curtain wall on the outside and the concrete butts up against the glass or do I have the curtain wall sit on the concrete. This is the learning curve of having no “Best Practices” of being an architect or engineer, but it also frees the imagination on what is possible!

Ive also started to add interior cladding as well, such as in the Zen room. It will have floor to ceiling flat panels that are covered in a Japanese paper and then a pattern with my wife’s calligraphy practice sheets will be glued onto the wall.


Large Images:

Top View

Back View

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