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Top 100 Architecture Trends in 2013

The top 2013 architecture trends reflect a shift in the mentality of modern society. Portability, simplicity and planet preservation are at the forefront of architects’ minds and this is certainly reflected in today’s buildings, skyscrapers, homes and other buildings.

Many architects have taken to designing structures that either work with the world’s eco-systems or that make use of its resources in a sustainable and respectful manner. Many structures are now being built into trees, cliffs and even submerged in water. Spaces that are able to heat or light themselves are also on the rise, as consumers are not only looking to help preserve the planet, but to cut back on costs as well.

Simplicity is reflected in many designers’ decision to transform abandoned spaces into ones with completely new functions and purposes. Decrepit lighthouses, farmhouses and industrial warehouses are now being transformed into modern homes and contemporary museums.

For more insight into how the 2013 architecture trends are catering eco-friendly and simplicity-seeking consumers, check out Trend Hunter’s Architecture Trend Report.

Architecture Trend Report

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