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Top 100 Architecture Trends in 2014

Modern and sustainable experimentation make a huge impact on the top 2014 architecture trends, with a fun focus on luxury intermixed throughout. Designers and architects found ways to push the boundaries this year in order to address not only the needs of an exponentially growing world population, but the wants of modern societies as well.

For the latter, the top 2014 architecture trends point to unique getaways that signal the desire to escape the hustle and bustle of urban lifestyles. For the former, experimenting with compact homes that are nonetheless full of personality ensures that people are able to maintain a sense of individuality even as they adapt to an increase in shoebox condos, prefab homes and other similar architecture.

As for sustainability, the top 2014 architecture trends show that people are maintaining their concern over the environment and adopting that concern in permanent ways in both private and public sectors. This is most apparent in the use of renewable energy, responsible materials and overall quality construction.

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