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Top 100 Architecture Trends in 2015

These 2015 architecture trends range from contemporary tree house abodes to shipping container campuses that promote sustainable design practices. In addition to its array of eco-conscious architecture examples, this list also focuses on experiential retail spaces.

These particular projects range from Art Deco supermarkets that feature opulent branding along with clothing shops that are accented with immersive sculptures or art installations. While these artistic elements can often be purely visual, they can also double as practical spacial elements — either providing structural support or even acting as an interesting display unit.

Other favorites include upscale temporary homes like luxury tents or even backyard campers that are designed to resemble an urban condo space. These residential spaces are unexpected and are often adaptable for mobile use. Whether set-up amidst a scenic national park or in one’s backyard, the compact spaces provide a home away from home for suburban dwellers.

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