To meet Passive House requirements the interior air has to be cycled via some type of mechanical air exchange as the overall building living space is air tight.

We have decided to go with an Ultimate Air 200DX ERV as it meets our space and CFM of air movement specification and is Passive House, LEED and Living Building Challenged certified. This will meet a requirement from LBC to utilize at list one product listed on the Declare list of products.

Sticking with our built for a century retirements, I’ve spent most of the week seeking out all stainless steel piping and vent covers for the structure. The vents we chose come from Ventell They will be be round and have large open vents, allowing for the least amount of air movement noise and most air to enter the space. This also sticks with the industrial look and feel of the of the building. Ive created a custom dual linear vent that is made to be deployed in the roof sections of a Cargo Container for other areas. The piping will be 6-8″ piping made of stainless as well and wrapped with insulation on the hot side of the air flow. Some of the pipe will be rigid and some of it will be flex pipe.

Flow through the house will be from outside, through the ERV, in to the office L1, Grand Room L2 and into the Vertical farm room L2. The exhaust air will be in the Garage for L1, Master Bathroom L3 and Bathroom 2 on L3.   As a unique feature, when it is cold outside, the exhaust from the V farm will be sent behind the kitchen cabinets and all heat from the appliances and the v farm will be vented into the Grand Room when its warm outside, the exhaust will be vented out of the building. V1. of the system is shown here. I’m not the best at connecting pipes together, but its a great start. A lot of time was spent moving parts around in 3D to find  the best and shortest paths from the mechanical room to the desired locations. Will keep refining this over time, or at this point since it is mostly hidden, I may just pass it over to a pro installer when we are ready to build.

Large Image:

v.1 of the Vent Systems

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