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Winner from Community Vote – Bay Bridge House Design Competition

Community Vote Winner: Romain Caba – University of Kansas / National superior school of architecture of Paris Val de Seine, France with his entry “The Bay Bridge House

The Bay Bridge House
The house takes place on Treasure Island facing the Oakland bay and The Bridge with a huge panorama of the bay from South to North.

This house is a second life of the Bay Bridge, it re-uses a lot of different parts of it, for example the enormous beams carrying the road that are now filled with insulation and act as a barrier for the cold winds of the north, or the trusses that constitute the structure of the house.

The Highly structural house is a tribute to the Bridge in the way it looks and the way it stands. Indeed a huge gantry bears the roof while the beams support a long footbridge as a impressive cantilever leading to the solarium, a room suspended at the extremity of the house. Moreover, crossing of beams create the rest of the structure while light in the room is provided only by the absence of it.

Large Images:

Board 1

Board 2

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Board 4

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